Augusta Technical College invites all alumni to stay engaged, stay involved, and give back.  The College has nearly 60 years of history as an outstanding higher education institution and it is our outstanding alumni that have helped make this possible. We have had the pleasure of being a part of your success and we want you to be a part of our continued success as a college. To that end, we appreciate your consideration of contributing gifts of time, talent or financial resources. 


We recognize that you have been doing great things since graduation and would like to share your achievements with the community.  Stay in touch with us by clicking on the link below and completing the form. We may just pick you to feature in an Alumni Spotlight.

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To find out more about the exciting things happening at your alma mater:

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Stay involved at your College by participating with Program Advisory Committees, giving back to the Augusta Technical College Foundation, hiring other Augusta Tech graduates, or speaking to students about your own success as an Augusta Tech graduate. To find out more, please contact Cheryl Ciucevich.


Individuals can volunteer to be a part of different program activities as well as supporting the college and foundation through financial gifts. Gifts help enhance everything that make Augusta Technical College a special place! Augusta Tech is proud of its ever-growing family of successful alumni and the possibilities are unlimited if every graduate gives something every year.